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The sparkling abruzzo

Vinco is the first winery in abruzzo specializing in the production of sparkling wines from indigenous grapes.

«Come, let us go out. Time it is to flourish again.»

G. D’Annunzio, Consolation Poem, 1891

VINCO was born from the courage and determination of a group of Abruzzo winegrowers with a big dream: to raise awareness and value of native grape varieties by producing Italian Method sparkling wines thanks to an agricultural supply chain all “made in Abruzzo.”

The strength of sharing and innovation in tradition are the guidelines of this group that wants to promote and show the “sparkling” soul of Abruzzo encapsulated in Trabocco sparkling wines.

Sea, Mountain

We are in Abruzzo, in Chieti province: an area that has always had a vocation for viticulture, nestled between the sea and the mountains.

«I bring the land of Abruzzi, I bring the silt of my mouth to the soles of my shoes, to the heel of my boots.»

G. D’Annunzio, Secret book, 1935

The wide biodiversity of our territory, stretching from the Adriatic to the Majella, is an extremely favorable opportunity for bubbly production.

The climate is temperate, with a unique and propaedeutic characteristic for the proper vegetative development of the vine: thermal breezes.

The diversity of soils is also remarkable: from sandy-arenaric near the Adriatic coast, to pebbly-limestone in the piedmont area, crossing clay hills and, in places, rich in organic matter.

Spumante d'Abruzzo DOC Italian method

Is the first one with an all-abruzzo identity: made from indigenous grapes vinified using the italian method. The production chain is completed entirely in the region.

The work in the vineyards and the selection of indigenous grapes are followed with the utmost care until the base sparkling wines are produced.

Their frothing takes place with the Italian Method (Martinotti Method), which involves re-fermentation in special tanks (autoclaves) enhancing their varietal and organoleptic characteristics.

The agricultural supply chain

“Made in abruzzo” is the merit of our “agricultural” supply chain that involves winemakers, families and territories characterized by an “explosive” heterogeneity that represents its uniqueness.

The winemakers’ families, assisted by agronomists and oenologists, thanks also to the experience dictated by an archaic and millenary tradition, skillfully conduct the vineyards merging tradition and innovation. The goal of sustainability is the common thread of our agricultural chain: in the vineyard we work by encouraging careful use of water resources, reduced use of pesticides, conversion of vineyards to total organic and integrated management and management systems aimed at the preservation of biodiversity. In the winery we have the goal of energy self-sufficiency, which to date is partially ensured by a state-of-the-art, zero-impact photovoltaic system. We have started a project to reuse rainwater for production purposes and are working on reducing the “carbon footprint” of our supply chain.

When we think of the sea, of froth, of sea breeze, of saltiness, the mind races to freshness and vivacity: sensations that evoke joviality and lightheartedness. Emotions that we feel in front of a glass of bubbles together with friends, the same as our sparkling wines.

Our sparkling wines

«Dream, for the time to dream has come.»

G. D’Annunzio, consolation poem, 1891