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Vinco Abruzzo - Trabocco Abruzzo DOC Passerina Spumante Extra Dry

Trabocco Abruzzo doc


Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

This is a sparkling wine produced in Abruzzo, in the province of Chieti, from Passerina grapes. A native and versatile grape variety with good acidity and particularly suitable for sparkling wine making. It produces sparkling base wines with floral, fruity and tropical notes and an excellent balance between acidity and freshness.

11,5% vol.

Alcoholic gradation


Serving temperature

Technical data sheet

Appellation: "Trabocco" Abruzzo DOC Passerina Spumante

Grape varieties: 100% Passerina

Harvest: late August/early September.

Foaming and aging: 30-45 days.

Sugar residue: Extra Dry.

Production area: central Italy, Abruzzo, province of Chieti.

Vinification: crushing and soft pressing of grapes.

Fermentation: thermodynamically controlled (14 to 16 °C) using selected yeasts.

Wine description

Brilliant soft yellow with reflections tending to green. Fine-grained and persistent perlage.


Floral hints of hawthorn and acacia, fruity apricot and tropical notes. In the finish nuances of small pastries.


Lively, fresh, soft, delicate.


Crudités and fish first courses, white meats on barbecue, excellent as an aperitif.


Winemaker's notes

Made from 100% Passerina grapes harvested in late August and early September from a "mosaic" of small vineyards located throughout the province of Chieti. After soft crushing and pressing of the grapes, the juice is placed at a thermodynamically controlled temperature (14-16°C). Initial fermentation takes place on selected yeasts. Subsequently, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in stainless steel tanks (autoclaves) with aging according to the Italian method (or Charmat method) at a controlled temperature. The entire period of frothing and aging lasts about 30-45 days.

Perfect Food Pairing

Sushi and Sashimi