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Here comes Vinco, overflowing Abruzzo sparkling wine

President’s editorial

Dear Ones,
I am very proud to announce that our dream, the birth of VINCO, the first winery in Abruzzo specializing in the production of sparkling wines from indigenous grapes, is finally a reality. I want to thank, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, all those who worked to make this happen. I don’t deny that there were difficulties, which we overcame with a lot of courage and grit to get to see this goal concluded.
VINCO represents the first cooperative reality in Abruzzo born after the 1970s, an example of how Abruzzo cooperation has evolved and wants to continue to innovate, but, at the same time, it wants to be a place open to all those who would like to enter to be part of the “Abruzzo Bubbly Movement.” We are confident that this is a historic initiative for Abruzzo and represents a new season, an important opportunity for the enhancement of our grape varieties and the future of all regional viticulture.
VINCO is a challenge, a bet, and it is up to all of us to work for its success. For our part, we have two important elements: the sparkling wine market is the only one growing in double digits, and the collective brand “Trabocco” Spumante d’Abruzzo DOC represents a unique and innovative element of identification for our region. Now our responsibility is to work, with great firmness, to establish commercial development in the various foreign markets and in Italy. At the same time, we will try to improve to ensure a high standard of quality, thanks to the commitment of all members and the control of the entire supply chain, because the enhancement of native grape varieties starts above all from the care of the vineyard. Finally, we are sure you will appreciate our new website with which we want to keep you updated and tell you all our news!
With great esteem and affection,
President Luciano Di Labio

Abruzzo is an area that has always had a vocation for viticulture, in which, thanks to the variety and conformation of the territories, there are natural temperature ranges and sea breezes that provide the best conditions for the growth of native grape varieties particularly suited to the production of sparkling wines. In fact, Abruzzi’s grapes such as Montepulciano, Sbagarina (Trebbiano abruzzese), Pecorino, Passerina, Montonico and Cococciola represent real “jewels” of the regional wine heritage and, especially those with white berries, are characterized by high acidity and low alcohol content, two optimal qualities for the birth of Metodo Italiano sparkling wines. In addition, in the Abruzzi tradition there has always been a predisposition to produce sparkling bases, sold in large quantities as generic bulk wine. Hence the idea of the Consortium for the Protection of Abruzzo Wines to want to keep the richness in the territory by creating and registering the collective brand “TRABOCCO” to enhance the native grape varieties and make the promotion of Spumante d’Abruzzo DOC more identifiable.

Spumante d’Abruzzo DOC “Trabocco,” in fact, will be the first sparkling wine with an all-Abruzzo identity: made with the Italian Method, it will be produced only from native grapes and bottled exclusively in the region. The name refers to an all-Abruzzo peculiarity: the “trabocco,” an ancient fishing machine repeatedly celebrated by Gabriele d’Annunzio in The Triumph of Death. The trabocchi are a unique and distinctive feature of the Abruzzo coast and as an appendage on the sea they fit into the Abruzzo landscape characterized by gently sloping olive groves and vineyards. Not least, when we think of the sea, the coast and the sea breeze, feelings of freshness, cheerfulness and happiness come to mind. The same sensations that a sparkling wine gives us in a moment of pleasure.